Chris Wang

The first time I encountered Chris Wang’s work I was browsing a variety of art schools to explore so that I could carry on to the next chapter of my desired profession. Coming Across Chris’s work on the Academy of Arts website I instantly was intrigued by his design. It’s been a few years since i’ve taken the time to sift through my bookmarks and I came across his work again, I said to myself “I have to do a post on his work”. The progression I have seen from past to present is exponential. Chris’s UI work is very refined and streamline with great usability and attraction. -LN

Chris Wang is a designer currently based in Los Angeles, California. his portfolio site contains some of his client-based projects and some of his personal works. He has worked on various projects for Microsoft, Lionsgate, Universal Pictures, History Channel and others. Chris was born and raised in Taipei Taiwan and is currently working as Senior Designer at The Visionaire Group