In 1998 Bertjan graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven (NL), department Man and Identity. In this department with head of department Ulf Moritz he discovered his fascination for textiles. Bertjan graduated with a knitted lamp. After graduating he started his work as a freelance designer and together with Academy-buddy Daniel White ‘Monkey Boys’ was founded. While working and playing with materials and ideas they designed their own collection of furniture and lighting. In 2003 the Monkey Boys decided to each go their own way. Bertjan continued to work under the name of Studio Bertjan Pot, working with furniture companies alongside a lot of self initiated projects and pieces. Until today that is what he does.


Bertjan designs products. Often they are Interior products. The way interior products relate to their users appeals to him. Interior products are not distant and hardcore industrial like power tools, cars and buildings, but also not as personal and hip as fashion. Furniture and lighting design really fits the method he works with. Working on his designs he starts small, playing with and focusing on a material or a technique. Bertjan searches for a system, the DNA, which he will use as building stones for something bigger. The optimal use of a material and technique make a valuable product, each ingredient humbly present complementing the others. He tries to make products that can be just a bit more than the function they have to fulfill. His method is both technical and intuitive. Intuition is hard to explain and he thinks it is better that way. For every decision people make there are several reasons. Some are mentioned, but the best are silently accepted. Bertjan’s technical interest and creative fantasies are a way to push the boundaries of Industrial production. With some intelligence and a little ignorance we might be able to realize what we wish for.