Edwin Tofslie


Portland, Oregon based Art Director Edwin Tofslie ventured on to take the role of an engineer in his earlier years of college, but the happenstance of his girlfriend being a Graphic designer lead him in the direction of taking on the responsibility as a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree with an emphasis in Graphic, Web and Interface Design. He went on to graduate from University of Idaho three years later, and landed a job at an agency known as AKQA in San Francisco California.


28 year old Edwin is currently working at Summit Projects as an Art Director while juggling freelance projects on top of his 9/5 workday. He has worked on enormously big projects with fortune 500 companies; Nike, Audi, Microsoft, Subaru and the list goes on. These are just some of the accomplishments this young creative has completed.  Aside from his overall accomplishments his sudden awry in college career change was no fluke or leap, he seemed to be meant for the direction he has taken.


Mentioned in an interview below Edwin that he is a bit of an internet pop culture junkie “I get much of my inspiration and knowledge in my career by being on the forefront of everything that has to do with the Web. From being first to know or create the crazy things that come from the internet”.